The Staff, association is made up of all the employees of the college from top (Principal) to bottom (peon). Its main objective is to safeguard the interest of the employees keeping in mind the interest of the improvement of the college. The Principal is its Ex-officio president and in his absence a senior member among the Teaching Staff may act as in-charge of office when the principal is on leave.

The Secretary, Asst-Secretary and the Treasurer are elected or nominated. All the members are to pay monthly subscription to meet the needs and expenditure of the Association. The Principal can call its session at any time if the situation compels for overall coordination and judicious decision of interest of the college. At that time their get together movement becomes extremely significant.


Staff Council is an Advisory Body to aid & advise the Principal when he so desires. It consist the members who belong to Teaching Staff. The Principal is among and above the council. Its objectives are

(a) To confront and solve myriad problems, to frame various principles and outside the college classroom.

(b) To look into academic problems, to frame various Principles and to determine standard or norm for students.

(c) To maintain proper discipline and coordination in the college campus.

The principal is the Ex-officio President of the Council.

The Staff council meeting can be convened by the Principal at anytime if he feels such need. A member of the council may be elected or nominated as its Secretary. The Staff council is to be convened at least twice in a year. In normal circumstances the H.O.D. s or the meeting of the Discipline Committee is convened on academic and disciplinary matters.


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