College Planning and Development Committee:
A Committee of senior faculty members have been nominated by the principal work as “College Development and Planning Committee). Principal is the Ex-officio chairman and one senior most member is vice chairman of the committee. The Committee takes decision about various academic infrastructure and inception of new support & services in the college. They consider the suggestion of the IQAC and recommend the same to the governing body for finalization.

Purchase Committee:
A Purchase Committee has been formed by the principal to decide the procurement of articles through quotation, tender and placing order to the lowest bidder. The Committee is comprised of the Faculty members of the Different Departments and Administrative Staff. They also see the maintenance of stock and proper use of articles.

Seminar Co-ordination Committee:
A Committee of senior faculty members has been formed by the principal as seminar seminar co-ordination committee who are to decide the programme schedule of seminars. They also decide about research projects, study tour and industrial visit of students for experiential learning. They also support the department for holding inter disciplinary seminar on department blending programme.

Women Empowerment Cell :
Women Empowerment cell has been constituted for awareness & Orientation programme for the welfare of women stake holder in the College. It organizes seminar, workshop and awareness camp to stimulate women friendly atmosphere in the college.

Anti Ragging Cell :
An Anti Ragging Cell has been formed in the college as per UGC guideline. The Senior Faculty Members of both sexes nominated by the principal work as the members of the committee. The principal is ex-officio chairman of anti-ragging cell. The Cell receives appeals from students & staffs about indecent and obscene manner and takes steps for redressal of appeal.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Cell :
The Cell for the prevention of sexual harassment to women employee and girls students has been formed in the college. The Principal is ex-officio chairman of the cell. Some Senior most faculty members nominated as the members of the cell. The cell organizes awareness programme, workshop, and orientation programme to prevent sexual indiscipline in any manner in the campus. They also listen appeal in this regard and decide the necessary step for redressal of grievances relating to sexual harassment.


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