1. Origin -> On this Day 15.06.2006 (Sunday) the General Body of Proposed old student forum of Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore better known Alumini Association on its sitting resolves the adaptations and confirmation of the following rules and regulation to incorporate till any Amendment or rectification of the rule(s) made through a body as the rule framed under.

2. Title -> There shall be an association of the old students who ever studied or pursued courses in Gopalpur College, Gopalpur in the District of Balasore (Odisha) called Alumini Association of Goaplpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore.

3. Location of its Office - > The association above named shall hold its office in the campus of Gopalpur College, Gopalpur. The body framed elsewhere in above name or demands to have its right shall be declared fake or invalid hence defunct.

4. Aims and Objectives -> The Association is hereby to function on the following aims & objectives and carry on the vision and mission as specified hereunder –
a. To aid and assist the mother institution i.e. Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore physically, mentally & financially for academic, infrastructural and extension excellence so as to cater the developments of mental awareness of the locality.
b. To promote fellow feeling among ex-students of the college and unite them for the national service.
c. To hold discussion from time to time for welfare and goodness of the college & submit feedback for its overall flourishment.
d. To render any financial support to any backward or physically differently abled students of the college (for removal of hindrance to pursue studies).
e. To celebrate annual day of the association

5. Logo of the Association - > The Association shall have its own Logo Expressing the message of Support, Sustenance & Excellence. It is to adopt the Vedic version-vision of its mother institution “TAMASO MA JYOTIRGAMAYA” for its motto. On the elliptical crank wheel presenting various sustenance & Natary Shiva Standing for Excellence will make the logo of the Association with its name & year of establishment.

6. Members of the Association – > Any Student whoever was a student or has pursued studies here shall be a member of the Association provided he pays membership fee for life or annually and writing his/her willingness to the secretary.

7. Removal of Members or Office Bearers ->
a. Any member who goes against the objectives & vision of the association, with certain proof, shall be declared losing the Association that shall be resolved in the proceedings of the association by the 2/3rd majority of the members present in the general body meeting.
b. If any member remains consecutively absent from its meeting four times shall be declared losing membership.

8. General Body of the Association - > Al the life and annual members on the roll of the association shall comprise the General Body with quorum of at least 25 members to hold a session or a simple majority if the members on the roll are below 25 on the roll. The General Body of the association is a permanent body. It can’t be dissolved in ordinary cases. If at all it is found unnecessary or non-existent it can be dissolved in absolute 2/3rd majority of its total member on the roll provided they have to surrender all its record to the mother institution.

9. Function of the General Body - > The General Body of the Association shall have the following functions and powers to exercise by Voting on Majority.
a. To elect the members of Executive Council.
b. To take any decision in pursuance to its objective and bind execution.
c. To pass Annual Budget prepared by the Executive Council.
d. To approved audited expenditure.
e. To declare disqualification of a member on 2/3rd majority present & voting.
f. To Amend any rule(s) of the association at 2/3rd majority present & voting.

10. Executive Council - > The Executive Council shall consist of the following office bearer who shall be elected from the members of the association by its General Body in a simple majority of vote and will exercise the following functions.
a. President – The President shall preside over the meetings of the Executive Council as well as the General Body meeting and gives ruling. He/She shall be the permanent chairperson for tenure of three years unless he is removed by the procedure under rule 7. He has the right to vote as a member.
b. Vice President – The Vice President shall to assist n the work of the President. He shall preside over the meeting in his/her absence or if authorized by him/her. He will take over the changes if the president resigns or declared disqualified or any way remains absent from the association or his post remains vacant.
c. Secretary – The Secretary shall be the executive manager of the Association. He will be in charge of keeping up dated records, manages the fund of the association and maintains a cash record to be auditable by the authorized person. He shall keep tie with the Treasurer for preparing Draft Budget, maintaining Cash Book & preparing Annual Report to be presented before General Body meeting. He will have to serve notice in consultation with president for Executive and General Body meeting and prepare Agenda for discussion.
d. Joint-Secretary – The joint – Secretary will have assist the Secretary in all financial matters and take over charges if the Secretary resigns or his post remains vacant for some other reasons.
e. Treasurer – The Treasurer will have to collect member fees, receive donation and any other collection of the association and deposit the same in the account of the Association.
f. Member of the Association –
i. There shall be at least one member from each academic batches of passed out taking 33% women, 10% OBC, 12% SC, one minority student & one ST member in the Executive committee.
ii. The members of the council shall be elected keeping in view to proper representation from each Gram Panchayat of the locality the students seeking admission here in different discipline.
iii. In case such representation is not proposed & seconded the minimum members of the executive council other than the office bearers mentioned above will be limited to 7.

11. Election of the office Bearer & Members of the Executive Council ->
i. The office bearers in the Executive Council shall be elected /selected in the General Body meeting of the Association.
ii. In case of tie of the vote for any post, the election of successful candidates shall be determined by lot.

12. Function of Executive Council - > The Executive council is the core – committee of the Association. It shall have the following powers & functions decided in the council meeting by majority.
i. To decide the plan of action and mode of its execution.
ii. To prepare the Annual Budget & Expenditure.
iii. To decide & intimate the date of General Body meeting.
iv. To recommend the proposal & feedback relating to the development of its mother institution.
v. To chalk out programme for the celebration of its annual day or any other function.

13. Tenure & Terms of Executive Council ->
i. One elected Executive Council of the Association shall continue to function for a term of three years.
ii. Before the expiry of the term, the Executive Council can seek the meeting of the General Body of the Association for election of new Executive Council.
iii. In no case any person holding office shall be declared elected for the same post more than three consecutive terms.
iv. The old Executive council shall hand over power to new elected council.
v. If any case of exigencies, the election of a new Executive Council is delayed, the continuing council will have been deemed in power till new council is formed.

14. Chairperson & Nominated members of Mother Institution - >
The Principal of the mother institution shall be an honorable ex-officio – chairperson to the General Body and Executive council of the association. He or his nominee authorized shall have to attend its meeting & acts as adviser & facilitator interpreter of the rules of the association there to if any complicacies arise. He shall preside over the Alumni Association meeting if requested by the president of the association. He shall have to nominate two members from the teaching staff of the college whoever have been interested in student. Support & progression to represent the college to the association.

15. The Fund of the Association - >
a. The Fund of the Association Comprises of
i. The membership fee (both life and annul member) collected.
ii. The donation received from the members and others.
iii. Any other collection to the limit of the association.
b. No fund shall be collected for the association without giving the Subscriber/donor a printed original receipt.
c. All fund collected by the members shall be handed over to the treasurer of the association.
d. There shall be a Bank account operated jointly in the Designation & name of the secretary & treasurer of the association with attestation of the chairperson of the Association.
e. The treasurer shall not retain any cash in hand more than Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty Only) and he/she shall have to deposit the fund in the account of the association.
f. In all momentary matter the secretary & the treasurer shall be responsible & accountable to Executive council & General Body of the Association.
g. The fund of the association is subject to audit by Estimate & Audit committee.

16. The Expenditure audit Committee ->
There shall be an audit committee comprising of three to four persons other the members of the executive council to audit the annual expenditure made by the Executive Committee. The Secretary & the treasurer are bound to co-operate in such audit. The members of such Expenditure Audit committee will be decided in the meeting of the General Body of the Association. The audit report prepared by the Expenditure Audit Committee shall be discussed and preceded in the General Body meeting.

17. Meeting of General Body & Executive Council ->
A. There shall be at Least Two General Body meetings of the association in every calendar year. The first meeting has to decide the election of the Executive Council if any & the second meeting will pass the annual expenditure made by the council. In case the General Body found any unnecessary expenditure, it can resolve not to commit such blunder further or if the office bearer in charge of finance proved unworthy shall be removed from the association as stated under rule 7.
B. The Executive Council shall have at least four meetings in every calendar year to discuss proceeding of the association.

18. Help from the mother Institution ->
The members of the association may seek for their excellence, Sponsorship, representation, awareness and counseling in pleasure of the mother institution from its sister wings provided they get due permission from the chair person of the association and pays the prescribed fees or caution money as determined by the mother institution for research and project work, employment opportunity, literary flourishment, exposure & awareness of the member of the association.

19. Specification - > The terms used in the byelaw are clarified as under
a. Association – i.e. The Alumni Association of Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore
b. Mother Institution – i.e. Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore
c. Chairperson – i.e. Principal, Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore
d. Monetary Matters – Any Income and Expenditure made by the Executive Council.
e. The Council – The Executive council of the Alumni Association of Gopalpur College, Gopalpur, Balasore.
f. Membership Fee -> The specific fees as determined to be paid by ex-student of mother institution to be a member of Alumni Association.
g. Annual Day - > The annual function celebration of Alumni Association.

20. Declaration ->
It is hereby declared by the Alumni Association that any legal complicacy in terms of the byelaw of the Association shall be referred to the chairperson of the association for Clarification. The same byelaw will be registered at Dept. Registration of Societies, Balasore for perseverance and enrollment further complicacy shall be referred to him for clarification. His decision on the matter will be binding and final.


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