The College has its own coat of Arms. On the top in a half-Circle the inscription of the Vedic Version “Tamaso Maa Jyotirgamay” ‘Let Kindle Light amidst the encircling gloom’ exposes the motto of the institution. It evokes the idles and pursuit of knowledge in the heart of the Scholars and educators, leading them to divine guidance for light, Solace and final wisdom. In its inner part the same repeats with the open book and the lamp a lit that symbolize awakening of an era of learning in the young and also the old. The boat on the sea indicates the institution’s interest in study of commerce and management, its proximity to the Bay of Bengal as well as the maritime glory of Odisha in which the Sadhabas of the era had played a great part. The Ashokan pillar in the middle stands for Arts, art and craft, philosophy, religion or morality as source of enriching inner-self. On the right, the scientific apparatus symbolizes inquisitiveness to observe, eager to search, seek, strive to discover the truth desire to learn, devote to study and innovation in terms of action and determination. Hence the rest is symbolic significant and meaningful.


Gopalpur College

Gopalpur, Bahanaga, Balasore Pin-756044