ECO CLUB OF GOPALPUR COLLEGE, GOPALPUR, BALASORE has been composed with the following objectives, rules and function for working in the college.

1. All the cur/rent students and existing faculties of the departments of biological science of the college are the members of the ECO club.
2. Any one such as alumni member of those departments or a person interested in environmental protection activities and having love for green population can be a member of the Eco club, provided he/she has been permitted by the head of the institution.

Rules of the club
• The membership of the club is voluntary and no-one can be compelled/forced to be a member of the club.
• principal of the college shall be the chairman and one senior most faculty of biological science department shall be vice-chairmen of Eco club
• Such participation is a kind of service for up keeping ecological balance, sustainability environmental health inside and outside the college campus.
• No fee or fund shall be collected from its members or outsiders unless they have consented for it completion of a definite project with proper planning.
• The college can sanction a quantum of fund in the budget for smooth function of eco club.

Function of the club
• It is to conduct environmental survey, green audit and planning for cleanliness plantation and waste management for improvement of clean atmosphere, environmental health and boosting greenery in the college campus and outside.
• It is to boost the students interest for green studies, frequency of plant population, plants care, environmental studies and promoting awareness among common mass for environment health, eco system and tolerance to geo system greenery by conducting rally,seminar campus, awareness programmes, assist in plantation soil conservation, water management, rain water harvesting programmes providing knowledge on plant science and environment protection


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