The college has a Consumers’ Co-operative Store which has been functioning since 1982. It has certain specific objectives. Its Registration No. 1328/ BL Dated 30-10-1982.


:- To encourage thrift and self help among the members.
:- To supply exercise books at discount rate.
:- To disseminate the knowledge of co-operative Principles.
:- Membership is open to all students and members of the staff of the college.
:- Each member has to purchase has to purchase a share of Rs. 10/- (Rupees Ten only) and shall have to pay Rs. 2/- (Rupees Two only) as Entry Fee.

The Store is managed by a Board of Directors. The Principal acts as its Ex Office President and a member of the Teaching Staff are nominated as its Secretary by the Principal. There are members from class – III and Class- IV employees of the college besides a nominated S.C. member from the staff. The salesman himself is a member of the Board of Directors. Three students, one from +2 Stream one from +3 Stream and a Girl students of the college are nominated by the General Body once a year to the Board of Directors. The Co-Operative Officer of Bahanaga Block and the Manager of Balasore District Cooperative Bank, Gopalpur are the nominees of the Government. It is the duty of the Secretary to maintain records of the store which is subject to audit by the departmental auditors from time to time.

The share capital of every student is refundable when he/she finally quits the college.


Gopalpur College

Gopalpur, Bahanaga, Balasore Pin-756044