The name of the union is the ‘Gopalpur College Students Union’ shall be the sole tribune of student’s opinion inside the Gopalpur College and it shall be governed by the following rules. The functions of Students Union:
a) To organize discussion on the general, cultural, academic national problems.
b) To organize debate and conduct mock parliament.
c) To invite eminent persons/ educationist to address the Union.
d) To represent the views of the members on all metters of the students to authorities of the college.
e) To undertake such other activities to educate the students of the college in general.

Every students (+3, stream), of the college is a member of the union and no one whose name is not in the rolls of the college can be a member of the Union.

The meeting other than that of the executive body of the College Union shall be opened to all students of the College (excluding H.S. students) who if they so desire can take part in the proceeding of such meeting.

The following shall be the office-bearers of the college union:
i. The President (From among +3 students )
ii. The Vice-President(From among +3, 2nd yr. & 1st yr. Students )
iii. The Secretary (From among the +3 students)
iv. The Asst. Secretary (From among +3, 2nd yr. & 1st yr. Students)
v. The Class Representatives (one from each class)
vi. Woman Representative (one from women students of +3, classes being elected by the woman students)

The executive committee of the College Union shall be consisted of the following:-
i. All office bearers of the College Union.
ii. Class representatives elected from each class (+3 streams)
iii. Woman representatives elected from among the woman students of the College (stream).
iv. The advisor.
v. The associate advisor(s).

i. The President shall preside over all ordinary meeting of the College Union in which he is present. He is to mention order, discipline of the Union as per these rules/provision of the Union as per these rules and regulation. His ruling is final expect when he requests the Advisors/Asst. Advisor to give a ruling. In the absence of the rights and privileges of the president and perform all his duties.
ii. The secy. Is to arrange all meetings, debates and all such give notice for these meeting and debates, he shall select the items of agenda of meeting in the conclusion with the President, Advisor Asst. Advisor(s) and shall receive money of the College Union, keep the accounts and submit the detailed expenditure to the Principal through the Union Advisor.
iii. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary and discharge all function of the Secretary in his absence.
iv. There shall be an Advisor and one or more Associates’ Advisor(s) nominated by the Principal from among the members of the teaching staff. They shall remain present in meetings of this college union. They are to render helpful suggestion in the meetings of the college union as and when sought. In the event of ambiguity of any rules the president may seek the clarification of the advisor and their advice on the point will be final.
v. The advisor/ association advisors shall motor elide over the meeting of college union unless the president request him in writing.

i. All members of the College Union pay a consolidated membership fee of Rs/-20(twenty) each per annum to be collected by college office at the time of admission/ readmission as the case may be.
ii. The accounts of the College Union shall be subject to audit by the Principal or his nominee time to time.

i. The annual election shall be held for the different offices of the College Union on a date as fixed and in a manner as determined by the Principal provided that normal condition prevails in the college.
ii. If it is felt that un to-ward situation is prevailing in the college, the Principal can suspend the election of the College Union at any time before the election. And; if an elected executive body of the College Union is not formed the Principal may nominate members from among the students to the executive body in the manner as to be specified by him.
iii. Nomination to such election duly proposed and seconded shall reach the principal in writing 3 clear days before the date of election or on the day fixed by the principal.
iv. The nomination after the proper scrutiny by the Principal or his nominees shall be published 2 days before the date of selection and withdrawals if any may be made in writing within 24 hours of the publication of the valid nomination.
v. A member whose name is on roll and has paid college dues up-to date can seek election for one office only. His proposer and seconder also must have paid the college dues up-to date.
vi. No member shall give more than one vote for each office to be filled and no member without having renewed identity card can vote.
vii. Election shall be conducted; votes shall be recorded and attested in a manner as determined by the principal.
viii. The candidate obtaining largest number of votes shall be declared elected.
ix. In case of the (equity of votes) between any two or more candidates the election of the successful candidates; shall be determined by lot, in no case(s), there shall be recounting of votes.
x. The Principal before the election shall give 4 clear days notice.
xi. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters in connection with the election of all offices.

a) The office bearers shall hold office for entire academic year unless-
i. They cease to be the students of the college by filling up university examination or otherwise.
ii. They resign voluntary in writing addressed to the Principal.
iii. A motion passed by a 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting expressing want of confidence in them at an extra ordinary meeting convened for the purpose moves them. Such meeting shall be presided over by the Principal. At least 1/3rd of the students should write to the Principal expressing their lack of confidence in them. Then the Principal shall convene a meeting to decide it. If passed by the 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting they are to be re-moved from the office.
iv. The President/Secretary of the College union shall hand over the charge of their offices to Vice-President / Asst. Secretary respectively before one week of the date of filling post of the final degree examination from in the college if they are students of final year. The Vice-President/Asst. Secretary when they so take over charges will discharge all the functions as president and Secretary respectively and will continue to hold the office until the end of the session. (If the Secretary does not belong to the final degree classes this provision is not applicable).
v. A member of the executive committee shall cease to hold office if he remains absent for at least three consecutive meeting of the executive committee.
(b) Any office falling vacant during the academic session shall be filled by nomination by the Principal in a process determined by him.

i. All meetings other those mentioned in rule- 11 (eleven) below should be treated as ordinary meetings, which shall be presided over the President of the college union.
ii. Such ordinary meetings shall be convened by at least a two day notice by the secretary of the college union in consultation with the President/ Advisor and permission from the Principal.

An extra ordinary meeting of the college union may be convened at the-
i. Principal’s discretion.
ii. Request of the president.
iii. On a written requisition addressed to the Principal and signed by at least 1/3rd members of the union.
iv. The Principal or his nominee shall preside over all such extra ordinary meetings.

i. After the elections are over, there shall be annual meeting on the date appointed by the Principal for welcoming the members of the Union and to administer the newly elected office bearers of the College Union and other Societies. The Principal or his nominee shall preside over such meetings.
ii. There shall be another meeting (annual) at the closure of each session on a date as fixed by the principal for passing / to pass the annual Report and statement of the expenditures made and placed by the secretary. The Principal or his nominee shall preside over such meetings.

The secretary with the written permission of Principal may invite a person to the college meetings.

i. In the absence of both President/ Vice-President at an ordinary meeting, the member’s president will elect Chairman from among themselves, the Advisor or the Associate advisor taking the chair until the election is over. The Chairman shall assumes all the rights and discharge the duties of the President during the meeting. The Advisor/ the Associate Advisor shall not be elected as chairman under such situation.
ii. At the commencement of each ordinary meeting, the secretary will read the proceedings of the last ordinary meeting or other meeting of the union if any. The minutes on being approved by the members present shall be signed by the president.
iii. Amendment to the motion. If any shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at the being of the meeting. No amendment will be in order, which effects directly infringe upon the original motion. An amendment shall be discussed only after the first two (2) speakers have finished speaking.
iv. Every speech shall be reevent to the subject of the debates or the amendment proposal. No proposal reflection shall be made in course of the meeting.
v. No members other than the mover of the motion shall speak more than once in the course of the debates and also for more than 5 minutes. At the conclusion of the mover may, at his opinion/option replay to the debate.
vi. POINT OF ORDER: The Advisor/ associate or any member may call the presidents attention to the point of order even while a member is speaking; but no speech shall be allowed to be made on such point of order.

a) At the conclusion of the debate the mover of ordinary motion has exercised or formally waived his rights of reply, the amendments, if any shall first be put to vote. If the amendment is lost the original motion shall then be put to vote.
b) All questions in the debate shall be determined by a majority of the vote of members present.
c) In case of division of votes equally, the question by casting his vote.

i. The president may call any members to order if a member disobey or discharge any other or ruling of the president, or the advisor or his deputy, the president may forth-with ask the members to withdraw from the meeting or may report his name to the meeting to the principal. If necessary, the president may dissolve the meeting.
ii. If a new any case not proved for these rules the advisor / Associate advisor shall give ruling as to the procedure on the Principal already lay down and his ruling shall be final.

i. Amendments to any of these rules can be made in a general body meeting of the union. The participation of the members of the teaching staff and non-teaching staff is a must in such meeting.
ii. Amendment to any of the provision may be brought by any members of the union /any members of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
iii. Such proposals shall be notified and circulated by the Secretary, College Union electing the opinion of members of the union, the room.

iv. No amendment shall be in order which is not duly record and of which a week’s clear notice has been received by the advisor, college union.
v. A motion for amendment of the constitution may be passed by the 2/3rd majority of the members present and voting.
vi. Such amendment shall come in to force immediately unless otherwise decided by the members of the union.
vii. The Principal shall be the final authority in all matters relating to the union.

i. The principal shall be the ex-office head of the union and everything done or proposed to be done by the college union shall be subjected to his approval.
ii. He is to pass the Annual Budget passed by the executive committee.
iii. He will carry on all correspondence with the invites either on the request of the executive Committee or of his own accord.
iv. The principal may alter/ amend or abrogate any of all these rules on his description.
v. The Principal reserves the authority to change/ alter the date of election/ Business (if any of the College Union) after formation or cancels the election at his discretion and as such he is the final authority in all matters relating to College Union.


1. There shall be a boy’s common room, named Gopalpur Boy’s Common room, named Gopalpur Boy’s Common Room.

i. Provide healthily habits and hobbies among students.
ii. Advance general knowledge and widen the outlook of the students.
iii. Foster a sense of togetherness and fellow feeling among the students.
iv. To organize indoor games.
v. All the bonafide male students of +3 classes of the college shall be ipso-facto members of the common room.
vi. The executive committee of B.C.R shall be called Gopalpur College B.C.R council. It shall consist of :
a) The principal (president ex-office)
b) A member of the teaching staff nominated by the Principal from among the members of the staff.
c) Associates Vice-President to be nominated by the principal from among the members of the staff.
d) The P.E.T.
e) The office bearer in charge of the common room.
f) Secretary to be elected from among the members of rule 3 above by them.
g) An Assistant Secretary belonging to +3 1st year class under category 3 above.
h) One representative from each +3 degree class.
i) All election will be held by secret ballot or as the manner the Principal shall determined.
vii. Work of Committee
a) The Secretary shall be responsible for the activities under rule-2 consulting with President/ Vice-President or his associates and any other member concerned to it. b) Convening executive meeting.
c) Maintaining records and proceeding.
d) He shall be totally responsible for consulting vice-president regarding promotion of recreation and healthy atmosphere of the common room.
e) The Vice-President will be in charge of the accounts. He shall have to consider the suggestion of the secretary.
f) The assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in discharging his duties and shall assume all charges of the Secretary in his absence.
vii) The Funds of the Common Room consist of
a) Annual contribution from students.
b) Voluntary contribution / donation from members only.
c) Income from sale of old issue of news paper.
viii) The principal shall be the Final; Controller of the Common Room and may at his discretion Alter, Amend, Supplement or cancel all these Rules. He can refer any issue to the Discipline Committee.


The rules of the Boy’s common room of Gopalpur College are applicable and valid for the GCR. Only the female students of +3 classes can be the members of the Girl’s common room.


It is to be called as “the Gopalpur College Athletic Club”.
i. It shall consist of members of staff and students of +3 streams with the Principal as ex-office president.
ii. A member of the teaching staff shall be nominated by the Principal as its Vice-president.
iii. Two to three members of the teaching staff shall be nominated as associate vice-president by the Principal.
iv. The P.E.T.
v. A Secretary and an Asst. Secretary elected by the students at the time of college union election.
vi. One representative from each of the classes.
vii. One woman representative from among the +3 women students of the college.
viii. Captain(s) of recognized out-door games.

i. The club shall be constituted by ballot at the time of college union election or by show of hands as and when the principal directs.
ii. The class representatives and the Asst. Secretary shall be elected at the time of annual college election / by a show of hands as and when the principal directs.
iii. The captains of the out-door games shall be nominated by the President of the club. The executive committee of the athletic club shall be called “the Gopalpur College athletic council”.

i. To consider the budget prepared by sub committee comprised of the Vice-President, the Secretary, and P.E.T.
ii. General management of the “Gopalpur College athletic council”.
iii. Promotion of games/ sports among the students.
iv. Organizations of inter-college sports/games.

The Secretary will receive the fund through the Vice-President and submit the vouchers to him in time falling, which he will be debarred from filling up of university examination.

5. the principal can veto or amend any resolution passed by the council for the interest of the club.


1. Aim and Objectives :
i. The aims and objectives of the DSA are to take such activities as will foster a spirit of fellowship and co-operation among the day scholar of the college.
ii. Organization of annual competition in general knowledge, in music, in games etc.
iii. All the day scholars of Scholars of the college are its members and will pay an annual subscription of rupees six (Rs.6/-) each to be realized along with the college dues in June & July.
iv. Celebration of Saraswati Puja and Ganesh Puja.

2. The executive committee of the association shall comprise of the following:-
i. The president : Principal (Ex-officio)
ii. The Vice-president: One or more nominated from among the teachers by the principal.
iii. Associate Vice-president: One or more nominated by the principal from among the Teaching Staff.
iv. Secretary and Asst. Secretary elected from among day scholars of the College at the time of College Union Election.
v. One student’s member from each class elected by show hands in the manner as determined, by the Principal.
vi. The Vice-President/ Associates shall preside over all meeting at which the president is not present.

i. The funds of the association shall be at the disposal of the Principal. The secretary shall received the association fund as decided in the Executive committee through the vice-president. The secretary is to submit legal vouchers to the Vice-president of the amount received from him for various expenses of the Association, falling, which he will be debarred from filling up of University forms to appear at the University Examination.
ii. The Principal is the final authority in, all matters of the Association.
4. i) The Secretary shall convene executive meeting, maintain records Organize activities under rule-1 above. The Asst. Secretary shall assist the Secretary, in discharging duties and shall assume all charges during his absence.
5. The Principal is the final authority in all matters relating to the association.


1. The name of the society shall be “Gopalpur College Dramatic Society”
i. To encourage the cultivation of dramatic art among the members by arranging a theatrical performance.
ii. To administer the funds of the society those are available for the fulfillment of said objectives and aims.
iii. All students of +3 streams are the members of the society.
iv. There shall be a managing committee for the management of all matters relating to the society.

2. The managing Committee
i. President : Principal (Ex-Officio)
ii. Vice President: Nominated from Teachers by the Principal.
iii. Associate Vice-President: Nominated from teachers by the principal.
iv. Secretary elected by the students from +3 streams.
v. Asst. Secretary elected by the students +3 stream.
vi. Class representative from each class.

3. At the beginning of each session election shall be held to different offices on such date and the manner as determined by the Principal. The Principal is the final authority to alter, amend, supplement or abrogate any or all rules of the society at his discretion.

4. Duties of the Managing Committee
i. Preparation of budget of the session.
ii. Arrangement for theatrical performance. The decision of it is subject to the approval of the Principal.
iii. Be accountable for Expenditures to the general Annual meeting.
iv. Create congenial atmosphere to cultivate education and spirit for promotion of dramatic art in the college.
v. Accounts and be responsible to submit vouchers of its expenditure. In his absence Asst. Sec shall assume his roles.


1. Any regular students of +3 classes having valid studentship during the year can contest to be elected as STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE TO THE EDITORIAL BOARD OF COLLEGE MEGAZINE (+3 WING) on the date same as the Election to the College Union.
2. He is to ventilate the Students in the Editorial Board of the College Magazine “The Sunrut”
3. He is to ventilate the students view for publication, improvement and standardization of the College Magazine.
4. The Principal reserves the right of publication of the College Magazine through the Editorial Board. However the student’s representative will assist the Board as a student’s member to suggest its improvement.
5. If any different of opinion occurs with student’s representative the view of the chief Editor/ Principal will final and binding.

i. The Principal reserves the right to alter, amend supplement or abrogate any ruler all the rules related to the students Union, any associates students Body Cultural association or the post of any office Bearer of such associations.
ii. The election of the students Union and other cultural Association, or any association or any post can be cancelled by the discretion of the principal if any complicacy or on toward situation prevails in the campus.
iii. In case of the equality of votes between the candidates for the post, the result of the winner will be decided by lot.
iv. The Principal reserves the right to suspend any student’s bodies or any Office Bearer of the association if the feels so for the interest of the College. The same cannot be challenged in any court of law, as the rules framed only for the political education of the students.


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