The Degree wing of the College has already completed 32 years of its existence in transforming its dream into reality. The College has played a role to bring a revolutionary change in the field of general awareness and political conscious in this densely schedule caste populated backward area. The College vows to share its mission to fulfill its goal.

:- To promote learning skills by facilitating quality teaching, self-study, library reading, search for knowledge, interaction, and scientific experiments and data analysis.

:- To employ and invite talents, subjects experts and successful professionals for dissemination of knowledge and experience.

:- To mobilize the learners to the practical field of interest for observation, realization and to conceptualize innovative ideas.

:- To improve language ability and expertise in learners for higher studies and research.

:- To start off more value based add-on courses for improving employability and self-engagement of pass-out students.

:- To widen the scope of participation of students in Cultural, Athletic, Games, leadership and extension activities.

:- To identity the inner talent and potency of the learners and provide opportunity for its exposure and flourishment.

:- To maintain transparency in administration, accounts matters, student’s welfare and support services.

:- To use ICT devices and e-learning materials for updated information and learner friendly education.


Gopalpur College

Gopalpur, Bahanaga, Balasore Pin-756044


: gcbls1978@gmail.com