Students Employment Information and Counseling Cell

Rules and Regulations

1. The Student Employment Information & Counseling Cell
There shall be a cell of employment information & career counseling of students in Gopalpur College, Gopalpur in the District of Balasore under the welfare scheme of the Student whoever pursues studies here named. The Students Employment Information & Counseling Cell.

2. Aims and Objectives :-
The Cell is to function with a vision and mission of support to students for sustenance and progress in the state of present relevance and to give the practicality of education acquired.
The cell is to
i. Maintain a booth/office to facilitate the students for information of employment/engagement opportunities.
ii. Organize seminar counseling debate by inviting the experts on self-employment schemes.
iii. Encourage cultivation of healthy spirit of students towards manuals of work and service.
iv. Counseling the students and their guardian regarding higher courses of proficiency & professional all over the globe in the field of their excellence.
v. To develop linkage with employers & industries for placement of students in their entrepreneurship.
vi. Study the feedback of students for up gradation of courses and implementation of new & self financing courses.
vii. To purchase periodicals, news paper, employment news, internet facilities & e-information source for information of the students of the institution and audio visuals aids for students training awareness speaking and writing ability.

3. The Employment Counseling Committee :-
The Principal of the college will be the ex-officio chairman of the cell has to appoint five to six members from the teaching faculty to form the employment counseling committee every academic year with one having interest and activeness on this aspect as the vice chairman of the cell. The other member of the committee is to work as the member secretary of the cell and others its associate members. The offices above designated will be honorary executants of the cell and their additional duty will be treated as co-curricular duties assigned to them. They have to work on the counseling and information officer on rotation.

4. The Office – The office of the employment cell will open at 11 AM & close at 2 PM on every working day. The students seeking its help have to sign a register that records their quarries or help. For practical working of the office and custody of records and materials the committee can engage a temporary clerk preferable an ex-student as an educated person interested to serve @ of remuneration at a negotiable rate. A menial can also be engaged in the same manner.

5. Fund of the Cell :-
The Students of the college are learning member of the employment of the cell. They have to pay as annual fee of Rs. 10/- for availing opportunity of the cell. Their contribution and the income from the sale of old materials shall be the fund of the cell. The income of the cell shall be deposited in a separated bank account and it will be spent as per budget passed by the committee. The chairman has to pass every proposal of expenditure which is auditable as per the rule.

6. Function of Counseling Committee :-
a. The members of the committee shall work as counseling officer who will be on chair of counseling on rotation every working day. They will hold office in a convenient time.
b. The Committee will decide the plan & project of proper function of the employment cell.
c. The Committee will insist the renovation and pass the budget prepared by the member secretary.
d. The chairman or in his absence the vice chairman shall preside over the meeting of the Employment cell.
e. The member secretary will prepare notice and agenda for meeting, maintain financial statutory record taking assistance of the temporary clerk.

The employment Information and Counseling cell is here by framed by the decision made by the students & staff of the college on Dt. 28.10.2005.


Gopalpur College

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